Partnership is at the heart of our investment philosophy.
  • • East African entrepreneurs, industrialists and management teams bring unparalleled local knowledge, networks, an understanding of the operational, regulatory and human capital challenges businesses faces and an appreciation of the competitive landscape.
  • • International financial investors have experience of what has worked in other markets and of the pitfalls to avoid.
  • • Expertise investors bring deep operational expertise of operating in the sector in other emerging markets.  In addition to capital, they can contribute know how, people, systems, processes, technical expertise, which are crucial to success in an African context.
Surya’s flexible model allows a tailored capital and expertise solution that combines the above ingredients into a recipe for long-term success.
We are flexible when it comes to structure, using the full range of private equity instruments and approaches.  We consider minority stakes as well as control deals, but insist on our local partners having and retaining meaningful “skin in the game”.  We build in pre-agreed mechanisms for liquidity and exit, without imposing fund-driven short-term exit horizons.
With this unique combination of capital and expertise, Surya’s team also bring decades of experience in business-building, capital raising & structuring, M&A, management incentives, corporate governance, while being able to leverage on a unique international network to help our partner businesses.
We seek to partner with the entrepreneurs and management teams in Greater East Africa, who have the following attributes:
  • • Highest integrity with an unblemished reputation in their market
  • • Forward-looking
  • • Strong conviction to improve, professionalise and institutionalise their businesses
  • • Focus on being “best in class”
  • • Determination to make a positive contribution to the countries and communities in which they operate
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