Africa’s private equity industry, and its private sector in general, have greatly benefited from the support of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) who deserve praise and recognition for the critical role they have played in the emergence of entrepreneurship and private enterprise across the continent.  In order to maintain the past decade’s high GDP growth rates, financial capital will also be required from commercial investors such as high net worth individuals (HNWIs), family offices and institutional investors such as pension funds and sovereign wealth funds (SWFs).  While traditional private equity fund models will continue to be important, there is a global trend towards more direct investment and co-investment away from “blind-pool” structures.
In response to this, Surya has designed its business model to capture this trend and partner with investors wanting to capitalise on East Africa’s unique growth prospects.
We provide investors with what they seek: Alignment of interests, governance, transparency, private equity discipline, long-term business-building, deep operational involvement in value creation, resulting in very attractive returns.
To support our investment programme, Surya has cultivated a large network of investors who find our differentiated model of direct investment opportunities more appealing, including:
  • • UHNWI: Successful entrepreneurs from Europe, United States, Latin America, Asia, Middle East or Africa looking for new opportunities to deploy their capital and expertise.
  • • Family Offices: Leveraging core family competencies sectorally into control or blocking minority positions in a new geography.
  • • SWFs: Increasingly interested in large, single investments with a 10-15 year horizon.
  • • Institutional Investors: Either pension, insurance or multi-strategy funds, including hedge funds with a horizon of 5+ years.
  • • Endowments: Preferring more concentration and greater direct involvement.
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