Africa remains the most underinvested continent in the world.  Many of its most talented people emigrated post independence in the 60s and 70s.  And while a reverse brain-drain is underway, Africa’s stock of financial, human and intellectual capital places it at a disadvantage to other emerging markets.  Surya seeks to harness our network of investment partners, strategic partners and operating partners to deliver what is not abundant in Africa today: Financial Capital, Intellectual Capital and Human Capital.
We have an established network of Investment Partners with expressed interest in our flexible capital model and in East African investment opportunities.  We create an SPV, tailor made for each deal through which investors gain exposure to the company.  Given the nature of our approach, we are constantly reaching out to new sources of capital to broaden and deepen our network of investment partners.
Surya Capital, and our strategic and operating partners, bring domain expertise across many industries as well as experience in other emerging markets that have undergone similar transitional periods in their growth.  Direct experience with relevant analogies at the market level, industry level, stage of company growth level, and functional level, lead to more timely insights, more impactful advice and value-enhancing interventions.
Surya’s partners have been entrepreneurs and have built and managed businesses in their own right.  More importantly, Surya has a deep network of relationships with global corporate executives, companies and executive recruitment firms that can be leveraged to address the needs of management expansion demanded by rapid growth.
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