Surya Capital partners with businesses in East Africa to create, structure, and develop platform companies addressing a few core, high growth sectors driven by secular domestic drivers.
Patient Capital: Surya does not have, nor does it intend to raise a 10-year “blind-pool” structure.  Each platform company is its own corporate structure, with its own balance sheet and shareholders.  This provides full flexibility on deal size and structure as well as long-term value-creation without an artificial exit deadline.
Combining Financial Capital with Expertise: Surya brings in a strategic investor and/or operating partner with deep sector expertise and experience to partner with financial investors, to address management and execution challenges, and to address the skill shortages often faced in Africa.
Growth Capital: The African market is highly fragmented, particularly when one considers the geographic, infrastructure and trade barriers that exist between countries and regions.  Efforts are underway to reduce trade and other barriers that have limited the size of those addressable markets.  Surya seeks entrepreneurial management teams with whom to partner to build long-term, enduring value ahead of the consolidation waves that will reshape the East African landscape over the coming decades.  In these situations, Surya harnesses its global network to deliver human, intellectual and financial capital to established companies, in order to meaningfully accelerate their growth and ensure that they become market leaders in a rapidly evolving, and increasingly competitive, environment.  Surya leads its platform companies by implementing a combination of organic and “buy and build” growth.
Company Creation: While Africa has experienced a period of sustained growth supported by strong fundamentals and tangible structural reforms, it is still an emerging market where significant new business opportunities exist that are not currently being addressed by local companies.  Leveraging Surya’s global network of operating partners, we continuously survey the East African market in an effort to identify those uncontested emerging “white spaces” and look to set up companies to address those niches in partnership with global companies or entrepreneurs, leveraging on the experience from other markets where these business models have already been proven.
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